Facebook 5 Star Ratings

Facebook 5 Star Ratings

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Purchasing Facebook 5 Star Ratings can change the perception of your page. Not only does it give you an awesome 5 star track record, but also encourages potential customers to purchase from you as you appear more trusted. However, you must be careful where you buy from. At Morello, we put account safety first. Rest assured, your account is completely safe from being banned.

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Real Worldwide users, giving you a diversified audience

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30 Day Free Refills

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What is required when ordering?
Please ensure you add the correct link to your Facebook Page in the box above. You will be able to copy this from the address bar.

How long does it take?

Facebook 5 Star Ratings can take up to 24 hours to be fully complete, but usually it is much quicker. It could take a few hours from when you order for it to actually begin. You will receive an email stating when the order is starting.

What happens if my Ratings drop?

Not to worry, Morello offers a 30 day warranty on the ratings. Please let us know if your ratings drop and we will process a refill order free of charge.

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